High Purity Rutile


XiMi Group will participate 2023 INACOATING in Jakarta Indonesia

XiMi Group, a professional manufacturer of titanium dioxide with 17 years of experience, will participate in the 2023 INACOATING exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, during Aug.23-Aug.25.2023. Renowned for its high-quality products, XiMi Group offers a wide range of titanium dioxide varieties including rutile, anatase and chloride.

INACOATING 2023 is the world’s leading trade show dedicated to the coatings industry. It brings together key players from various fields to showcase the latest advances and innovations in coatings technology. The event provides a platform for industry experts, manufacturers and suppliers to communicate, collaborate and explore new business opportunities.

XiMi Group’s appearance at the 2023 INACOATING exhibition marks that XiMi Group is committed to promoting titanium dioxide products in the Indonesian market. With the booming coatings industry in the region, the application of titanium dioxide in Indonesia presents great growth potential, making it an attractive market for XiMi Group to expand its business.