High Purity Rutile


White Pigment Titanium Dioxide Anatase TiO2 XM-A001 for Paper, Coating and Plastic

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Molecular formula: TiO2

CAS No.: 13463-67-7

H.S. Code: 32061110.00

XM-A001 is produced by sulfate process, is an anatase titanium dioxide TiO2 pigment with white appearance and bright color and high Tio2 content, it brings high whiteness, good hiding power and easy dispersion. It is industrial grade and  universal widely used in interior-wall latex painting, inner decorative painting, Road Paint, Powder coating, Primer Paint, Rubber, Paper, Leather, Soap, Glass, Ceramics, Enamel and Fiber.


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TiO2 content  % ≥98
Tinting strength (Reynolds) ≥1850
Hydrotrope % ≤0.5
Matter volatile at 105°C % ≤0.5
Residue on sieve 45 μm % ≤0.05
Whiteness% ≥95
PH of suspension, aqueous solution retainted 6.5-8.5
Oil absorption g/100g ≤26
Resistivity of aqueous extract Ωm ≥30
Solubility in water % ≤0.4


Interior wall emulsion paint

● Interior wall emulsion paint

● Printing Ink

● Paper making

● Coating

● Painting

● Plastic

● Rubber & Leather


● Well dispersibility

● Less oil absorption

● Good hiding ability

● Solid coloring

● Strong coloring power

● Excellent compatibility and processing rheology.

Package & Loading

Package: 25kg/bag, plastic woven bag

Loading Q’ty: 20GP container can load 17MT with pallet, 18-20MT without pallet

Established in 2006, XiMi is a Titanium Dioxide manufacturer with 17 years full experience and a professional sales team. As one of the largest Titanium Dioxide manufacturers in China, XiMi has 140000 square meters factory located at Guangxi province.

XiMi is specialized in producing Rutile Titanium Dioxide, Anatase Titanium Dioxide, Chloride Titanium Dioxide and Fiber Titanium Dioxide, which are widely used in Coating, Paint, Plastic, Color masterbatch, Rubber, Printing Ink, Polyester Fiber etc. 



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